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The Best Ways to Learn, Play, and Enjoy Bridge Online

With the introduction of the wonderful British online bridge software, RealBridge, Paul's classes now offer a variety of ways to play, learn and enjoy your bridge online.

Using Zoom meetings, Paul can talk to everyone, answer quizzes, illustrate techniques, and display example hands.

On RealBridge, students can enjoy supervised play and duplicate events, as well as playing hands set by Paul.

Many of Paul's classes now feature a mixture of both applications for the best possible experience.

New classes launch this week, with Tuesday's Duplicate Extra - an invaluable learning tool: play a duplicate competition, then discuss all the hands with Paul afterwards.

And Friday Morning with Paul, a combination of supervised play, testing set hands, bididng and lead quizzes. This online sesson continues the tradition of over 30 years of sociable, accessible, and enjoyable Friday Morning bridge with Paul.

For more information about joining Paul's classes, contact us here.


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