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Aceoftrumps is the website of Paul Mendelson. Paul is best known as the London Financial Times Bridge correspondent, and as a leading author on Bridge, Poker and Casino gambling.

Paul Mendelson switched from Chess to Bridge while still at school, and has stayed with the game. Although competitive, Mendelson only rarely plays tournament bridge these days, but he can claim The National School’s Championship (a while back now), representing England in the European Friendly Games in 1984, two gold and two silver medals in Mind Sports Olympiads and The Scottish National Championships – pairs and teams trophies, as well as numerous county and regional events.

Paul is the author of nine books on Bridge, three books on Poker, and huge book on the statistically correct way to play every casino game. He writes the Financial Times Bridge column weekly and his articles appear in magazines throughout the world. For many years the administrator of The Macallan International Pairs Championship, Paul is known to many of the world’s finest players and is constantly seeking high-level innovations for his teaching and play.

Mendelson is renowned for his interactive lectures which allow players of all standards to improve their game. Never relying on rules, Paul insists on explaining the logical thought processes behind each decision. His students have gone on to win many competitions, and he has coached expert players, training for International competition. Full details of Paul’s lessons, seminars and holidays can be found elsewhere on the site.

His gaming expertise comes from a long association with gaming in the UK, South Africa and in Las Vegas, where he has profiled several of the world’s leading casino owners and developers. His simple Blackjack count allows average players to compete on level terms with the casinos while enjoying all the benefits of being a modest high-roller.

Paul is also a fiction writer, working on thrillers and novels, the first two of which were short-listed for the CWA Crime Novel of the Year, the third and forth nominated for other awards.

At 21, he was then the youngest playwright ever to be performed at the National Theatre. His play, “You’re Quite Safe With Me” at the Cottesloe Theatre, won strong reviews and landed him one of the country’s leading literary agents. He went on to write for television before focusing on, and developing, his career in Bridge and associated mind-sports.

Feel free to e-mail  Paul at any time with enquiries: we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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