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Live Bridge Teaching Returns to Roehampton Club

After two years, on Friday 4th March, Paul returns to his beloved bridge room at the Roehampton Club to trial some live sessions for members and their guests.

His Friday Morning with Paul sessions, which have been running for almost 35 years, will be the first of his lessons to revert to being live. Starting - as ever - at 1000, and featuring set hands, supervised play, and the famous bidding quiz, the bridge room will be buzzing with laughter and bridge thinking all the way through to 1245.

Depending upon how many people decide that playing live is once again for them, other sessions will be held in the bridge room.

In the longer term, Paul will be spending more time in Cape Town, South Africa, and will therefore be continuing his online sessions, broadcasting from there - as he did for a trial three weeks earlier this year.

If you would like to join in on any of Paul's classes, live or online, please contact him directly from this website.

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May 12

I am an Intermediate player and I would be interested in online classes. Are there any available?

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