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Paul Mendelson - New Base

From September 2022, Paul will be based for some of the year in Cape Town, South Africa.

He will be back regularly in London, when he will continue with some live teaching, giving special lectures at bridge clubs, and running the Tresanton Bridge Week in Cornwall.

He is, as some of you may know, also involved in pre-Wimbledon tennis events.

Online lessons will continue throughout the year for his UK and overseas students - and all are welcome.

If you would like to be included in his weekly mail-shot, which includes details of sessions, bridge hands and bidding tips, contact us now from this site.

Here are the timings for the rest of the summer to the beginning of the Autumn term:

Live and online classes as usual until Friday 19th August

A short break of both live and online classes

Autumn term begins online from Tuesday 13th September

A week of live classes and specials in London, from November 7th

Tresanton Bridge Week, from 14-18th November

A week of live classes and specials in London, from November 21st

End of term and Christmas events during December


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