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Season's Greetings & Christmas Special

Whether with friends and family, or quietly, I hope that you enjoy the festive season.

To break the nightmarish diet of over-rich food, terrible television, and relentless Brexit talk, do join me on Wednesday 23rd December at 10.30am, for my Christmas Special.

Designed for students modest and advanced, there will be Christmas Quiz to study, and then much fun discovering the answers, as well as my pick of Christmas hands.

There will be mince pies, chocolate and mulled win (Bring your own!)

Then, in January and early February 2021, on selected Wednesdays, Paul will be broadcasting from Cape Town, South Africa (COVID and BORIS permitting).

Join him for what may well prove to be challenging conditions: power cuts, dodgy broadband, wild game, and bat migrations.

And, let us all hope - fervently - for a much less stressful 2021 and, at some point, a return to the green baize of our youth.

Paul X

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