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Paul returns to live bridge at Tresanton Bridge Week; participants excel

Having missed a year, the traditional Tresanton Bridge Week took place at the marvellous Hotel Tresanton in Cornwall - with a reduced number of participants (due to Covid) - but just as much laughter, competition and learning.

Over 54 boards of hard-fought duplicate, the Victor Ludorum prize was awarded to Michael Collins and Dale Squire, who managed top five finishes each day.

We positively basked in the mild Cornwall micro-climate, eating lunch outside on some days and enjoying tea and coffee breaks amidst the beautiful sub-tropical planting.

The 2022 edition is already booking - and we hope to be back to our full 7 tables of particpnats for this unique, very luxurious bridge event, so do express an interest with the hotel via if you would enjoy to join us.

Paul was assissted by Loulou, who also runs her famed Supervised Play sessions at the Roehampton Club, and handled the late-night action at the hotel, where a handful of stalwarts played into the night...

Participants studied declarer play techniques, from compound NT problems to endplays and counting, playing over 60 set hands during the course of the week, as well as a selection of pre-set and random hands for the three main duplicate sessions.

Dusk at St Mawes; one scene from a wonderful week of weather and card play...


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