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New Online Classes Launching

For the more experienced player, this week sees the return of the Advanced Coaching sessions, held at 10.15am via Zoom meeting, each Thursday morning.

Recordings of the classes will also be available for those who cannot attend live.

Focusing primarily on Duplicate Bridge, but also testing your Teams strategy too, this term will concentrate on defensive planning, leads, count, attitude, suit-preference discards and signals. We will also look at some essential advanced techniques, such as Smith-Peters, hand visualisation, and opponent's trick counting.

These sessions will be backed up with full notes available to download, example hands, quizzes and, on occasions, live play via RealBridge, to practice these new techniques with especially designed set hands.

Everyone is welcome to look in - understanding defensive principles correctly will not only improve your scores considerably (defence is the weakest part of almost everybody's game), but will also reveal a whole new tier of challenging pleasure to be derived from this most brilliant of games.


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