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Lockdown 3 = More Bridge

More time stuck at home, in the middle of winter... It can mean only one thing: Bridge

- a chance to practice, play, enjoy and improve your game.

As well as regular Intermediate and Advanced classes, from January 8th, there will be a new interactive Friday Morning with Paul session, running from 10am -12.45pm.

Starting as a supervised play session, the class will be developed into a full lesson with bidding challenges, set hands and play, using the UK-developed RealBridge program.

This is a chance to play with your friends, have a good gossip (about Bridge, of course), play some hands and improve your game - with Paul on hand to assist you "at the table".

For more information, look at the mail-shot on Mondays or, if you are not yet signed up, contact us here to be included.


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