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Bridge remains the perfect combination of social pleasure and ultimate intellectual challenge.

It is the perfect gymnasium for the mind.

For however you long you have been playing, however modest or accomplished your standard,

I always feel that new knowledge enhances this amazing game, bringing more pleasure and greater satisfaction.

That is why that, as well as teaching my students, increasingly I find myself coaching good bridge players, providing new ways of thinking, provoking greater thoughts, identifying more implications to be provided, and inferences to take.

Although we are entering the off-season for bridge, it is a greta time to brush up on the basics, learn new tricks and develop your confidence.

So, please join me for one of my classes or coaching sessions - the schedule continues until early June.

And, throughout the summer, I will be online every week for Friday Morning with Paul - a socialable and stimulating combination of set hands, supervised play, a bidding challenge and lots of tips.

I hope that you'll join me.


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