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Duplicate Extra - a Brilliant Way to Improve

Every Tuesday afternoon, Paul's Duplicate Extra session offers students absolutely the best way to improve their Duplicate bridge.

Because Duplicate Pairs is such a technical form of the game, with so many things to think about at any given moment, the only way to improve is to understand the requirements for success and see them at the table. Slowly, you learn what to think about and when.

Having played 15/16 boards, some of which have been pre-set, Paul then goes through every hand, illustrating how correct technique in the bididng, defence and declarer play can improve your score dramatically. Only by this method, can you can truly learn to think like an expert bridge player.

It has been fascinating to see the results from 20+ tables, and to realise that playing in the correct contract would have beaten every score there; how to compete effectively would have pressurized your opponents beyond break point; how setting the correct trick target can transform a poor score into a really good one.

If you would like to join in, come along as a pair. Single players will happily be accomodated, but we cannot promise you a game every time.

For more information, send us an e-mail from the site.


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