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Bridge Season is Upon Us

With lots of rain forecast for the week ahead, this is the time to get back to bridge.

Join Paul online for any of his sessions at any time. You can even request a recording of a particular topic if you prefer to watch at your leisure. Just e-mail Paul and he will send you the link.

The Duplicate Extra session on Tuesday afternoons is absolutely the best way to improve your scores. Students pay upwards of £100 to have a professional play with them and analyse their game. Here, you can play with your own partner - or Paul can find you one - and enjoy the analysis afterwards.

The card room at The Roehampton Club is open again for live bridge. Depending on the prevailing situation, Paul hopes to return to teaching live for some of his sessions in February next year. For this autumn term, they will continue online. But = look out for an announcement on some live bridge specials coming up in December (Covid-gods permitting).

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