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Online Bridge Lessons Launched

Following two successful pilot broadcasts, Online Bridge Lessons with Paul Mendelson are officially launched this coming week.

There are many formats being considered but, to start, Paul will offer:

an Intermediate class every Wednesday at 10.30am

an Advanced class every Thursday at 10.15am

The classes will take the form of studying hands to consider bidding, defence and declarer play. There will also be bidding challenges and quizzes which you can undertake before or after the class. There will be some interaction with students - plus a full chat facility open to all participants - and notes will be available to download / print afterwards. The cost is £4 per lesson.

If you would like to take part, please contact Paul using the Contact button (at the top right of the homepage) on this site. Once added to the mailing list, you'll receive a regular Monday mailshot with details about each of the classes in the coming week and how to join them.

Using Zoom, you can join the class via a one-click link. You need download the app (which takes a few seconds) or create a free Zoom account. It really is very easy.

If you miss a lesson, we are working on an archive, so that you can watch it at a time that suits you.

For more information, please contact Paul and he will be happy to invite you to join in the classes.

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