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First Online Bridge Lesson Successful

At 10.30am today, 100 students, from as far a field as Hong Kong, South Africa, Monte Carlo, France, Spain and Ireland, mastered the Zoom software and experienced the "Pilot" online bridge lesson. My apologies to the over fifty students who could not get in. To give them a chance - and to welcome other new students - there will be another brief pilot broadcast tomorrow: Thursday 2nd April - at 10.30am.


If you would like to join in and haven't yet registered your interest, send me a message from this site and I'll include you on my mailing list.


We looked at a bidding problem which swung an important online bridge match, and then studied four selected hands, illustrating techniques in establishing a long suit in a NT contract. These were all illustrated first as problems and then as the full deal. We had little interactivity, but that will change as everyone - especially me - becomes more used to the software.


Intermediate level classes will take place every Wednesday at 10.30am

An Advanced level class will take place every Thursday at 10.15am

This Advanced class requires you to contact me to be included in the class. For the Wednesday class, just join the session via the link that I wills end to you each week.

More classes will be announced in due course.

If you would like to be included in my mailing list for more details, invitations and links, please contact me via this site.

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