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Pilot Online Lesson April 1st at 10.30am

I will be running a pilot Online Bridge Lesson on Wednesday 1st April at 10.30am. If people enjoy the lesson (and the technology does its bit) I will start weekly lessons on Wednesdays and a Friday Morning Club Class variant at 10am on Friday mornings, beginning 8th and 10th April respectively.

The pilot lesson will be broadcast through Zoom. This software is the most popular video conferencing software around and is widely trusted. You do not need to download the software although, in time, it may be desirable to do so, since it will allow for more students. You will have to load the app however, which just takes a few seconds. The first lesson will be free to all, after which I will run an honesty fee system, where I hope you will be kind enough to pay £4 per lesson as you chose to take part.

For security, I will e-mail bank details / pay-pal account details, etc, to you as you opt in.

Following the lesson, on this site, there will be a sheet of notes which you can download and/or print out.

I will e-mail the special invitation link well in advance to everyone who has shown interest. Please feel free to forward it to others you think might like to join in. There is a slight danger that some joker might join and hijack the site, broadcasting undesirable material (and not just in the bridge sense), but I can't really think that a bridge lecture is fertile ground for such activities...

There are a few elements which take a few minutes to get used to (or, in my case, several online demonstrations, lectures, webinars, etc) but, hopefully, everyone will be able to see and hear the presentation successfully. There may be a few teething troubles but that is the point of the pilot lesson.

I very much hope that you will join me for what should be an entertaining half hour or so - one way or another.

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