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Online Lessons Soon

I'm hard at work preparing some online lessons for my much-missed students. These will either take the form of a recorded film or, if we can arrange it, a live broadcast with interaction. There will then be a sheet of notes and hands which you can print out and, hey presto!, you have the lesson-with-Paul experience, all from the comparative safety of your own home.

I am hoping to launch next Wednesday, 1st April (how apt that date may yet prove to be) at 10.30am - exactly the time we'd be having our Wednesday morning session. This time, of course, all my students from each Roehampton Club class, private students and new recruits can join in.

I'll try to make it as cheap as possible (hopefully £2 or £3) and, despite operating from my little house, I'll try to entertain, inform and take our minds off everyday existence just for a little while.

If you're a duplicate player, I trust that you're giving the online games a go. They are far from satisfactory because there's is so little human interaction and the format is weird, but at least it keeps one's brain ticking over.

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