Special Events in April and May 2019

Paul will be visiting two South West London clubs in the coming months, lecturing on duplicate tactics, with lots of set hands and notes to take home. At Duplicate Pairs, your focus can never waver: your job is to strive for the lowest possible minus score, or the highest plus score - and that is a responsibility for each partnership in the auction, the declarer, and the defenders. Come on your own, or with your favourite partner. Contact friends who are members of the clubs, or the club itself if you are interested in attending. = Richmond Bridge Club on Saturday 6th April and Saturday 4th May = Hurlingham Club on Saturday 13th April = Dates for the Roehampton Club to be announced in due co

Gloomy February Produces Spectacular Hand

South reasoned that she would find it hard to discover whether her partner held Qd or Kc, so she bid what she hoped she could make. West led As - how should declarer play the hand? S J97532 H 10 D J103 C 9652 = S - H AKQJ8764 D AK4 C AQ = N S - 6H NB = South has one entry to dummy - the trump ten - and, once there, she can take either the diamond or the club finesse, but which should she opt for, and why? = Which finesse to take is a guess and, because the decision must be made after the first round of trumps, you cannot wait to see what defenders might discard. In any case, once South ruffs As, the defenders can throw most of their spades away without worrying. As the cards lay

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