Winter 2019 Bridge Classes - dates

The Winter Term commences on Wednesday 30th January and will run through to the Easter break, probably in early April. If you have not been to one of Paul's classes previously, and would like to join,please contact him on Higher Intermediate - Wednesday 10.30am commences 30th January Intermediate - Wednesday 1.30pm commences 30th January Super-Advanced - Thursday 10.15am commences 31st January Friday Club Class - 10am commences from 1st February Winter is the perfect time to improve your declarer play so, at every level, students will be introduced to (or reminded of) the key techniques for successful declarer play, whether in your social home games, or

Key Bid Simplifies Auction

Do you know this key bid? If not, you may have trouble bidding to the excellent slam... S AK4 H - D J96532 C 9754 = S 83 H AKQJ1084 D - C AKQ8 = N S - 2C 2D 3H 3S 4C 4S 7H = South opened a Game-forcing 2C, and partner replied 2D (I prefer not to make a positive response without a 5-card suit headed by two of the top three honours). The key bid is now for opener to jump. Following a Game-forcing opener, this sets the suit as trumps, even if partner is void. Partner is now expected to cue-bid any ace she holds immediately or, without one, go to game in the trump suit. Here, North cue-bid the spade ace and, when South cue-bid the club ace, North could also cue-bid the spad

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