A Bidding Decision

Game All. You are South, the dealer. S 6 H KJ9843 D KQ9765 C - Do you open with this hand? It is certainly strong enough to do so, but I find that the problem is that partner always misjudges what you have. If the hand is a misfit and opponents don't bid, you end up too high; if the opposition do bid, your partner doubles them in 4S and you have no idea whether to pass or bid on... (you bid on) :-) I prefer to pass initially and this was my advice at the table. N E S W - - NB 1S 2C 3S ? Partner's overcall of 2C may or may not be helpful to your cause. In any case, you can now bid 4H and, if opponents bid 4S, and/or partner bids 5C, you can follow up

Thinking About Bridge

Thanks to Mike Jennings - I think from Australia - for a lovely review of my forthcoming bridge book. Out next week, I hope students and readers will all enjoy it but, equally, I hope not to come across you at the green baize following my suggestions... “Thinking About Bridge” – Paul Mendelson published by Constable, July 19th 2018 178 pages, £7.99 UK AUD14.95 MIKE JENNINGS If you are a fan of Mr Mendelson’s bridge writing, it will come as no surprise that his latest offering is easy to read, entertaining, and highly informative. In terms of accessibility, Mendelson must now be considered one of the world’s premier authors for improving players, be they students or club regulars. Indeed, th

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