Autumn Term Begins with a Bang!

A couple of random hands are dealt and then this appears: West S AQJ875 H - D 7 C KQJ1085 and the auction runs: West East 1C 1H 1S 2D 3S 4C 4S 4NT 5D 5H 6C 7S West might have opened a game-forcing 2C, although technically, the powers-that-be state you cannot open a game force without a minimum of 14 HCP (madness on a scale of politicians there). East's 2D was Fourth Suit Forcing, West's jump to 3S intended to show at least 6-5. When East then shows preference for clubs, West's 4S is trying to get across the 6-6 shape. This distribution is so rare, it is hard for partner to believe that it exists. East bid 4NT and learned that West held

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