Hand of the Season 2017

Sometimes hands crop up which really hit the spot for me. This deal is all about deduction and careful thought, before the uncovering of the information you require to make the key decision. You are in 3NT and West, thankfully, leads 3s. How will you play the hand? North S 102 H J63 D QJ C KJ9765 South S AK6 H AKQ2 D 865 C A102 Clearly, all will depend on the club suit. Lose a trick there and the opponents will surely switch to diamonds and take four or five tricks quickly. Let’s think this through before making any quick decisions. Declarer should win the lead to avoid an immediate diamond switch, and then cash four rounds of hearts. On the third and fourth rounds, West discards low diamond

Friday Mornings at Roehampton

Throughout August, September (not September 8th), October, and finishing for the year on November 16th, 10.00 - 12.45pm Please note that, due to Paul's slightly extended winter schedule, Friday Mornings will then recommence in 2018 on February 2nd After three decades !? the Friday Morning Club Class continues apace. An hour of supervised play, followed by set hands, and the infamous bidding challenge, this relaxed but stimulating session is available for all standards from intermediate / kitchen bridge level upwards. It's always friendly and fun, you can fill in so many gaps and get a grasp of vital new ideas, ask questions about hands played in duplicates or at home, and whether you come on

Autumn Term Details

All Paul's weekly classes re-start from Wednesday 13th September, with this term featuring bidding revision, practice and innovation, as well as all the usual defence and play problems within set hands, bidding challenges, and full notes. The term will end on 30th November, with the previous week a break, due to the Tresanton Bridge Week. Wednesday 10.30 - 12.30 Advanced Intermediate Wednesday 1.30 - 3.30 Intermediate Thursday 10.15 - 12.30 Super Advanced

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