Beginners Bridge at Roehampton

The Bridge Committee at Roehampton are working on finding an assistant professional to assist with the demand for beginners lessons at the club. Using Paul Mendelson's 'Bridge for Complete Beginners' as their recommended text, new classes will be announced in due course commencing in autumn 2017, for students in the daytime and evenings. As students become more experienced they will later be able to join Paul's Intermediate and Advanced Classes.

Summer Terms Begins May 1st

The summer teaching term begins on Monday, May 1st, and runs through until the second week of June. All classes will be continuing work on card-play, particularly declarer play, as new techniques are introduced and existing ones practised and refined. With new sets of prepared hands to challenge you, this term will unquestionably lead you to making contracts which, previously, you would have failed to fulfil.

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