Wild Hands Galore!

Sometimes the cards are just in an excitable mood and last Thursday, in my Super-Advanced class, one student had two chances to shine and, I'm pleased to say, she did! S KJ6 H A4 D AQJ75 C Q97 First up, this hand - an unremarkable 17 count. However, partner opened 1H, our heroine correctly responded a quiet 2D and partner re-bid 3NT. This is probably Acol's most inaccurate auction, since partner can hold 17-20pts, or a hand with a long suit where he thinks nine tricks can be made. What is the correct bid to make next? In the view of my student - and me - the next bid should be 5NT. This is a "Mega" Quantitative Raise, saying: bid 6NT anyway, but bid 7NT if you are maximum. This sounds right

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